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  • A station to enter two yuan, seven hundred million old iron can tolerate this

    From: Tech Company  Date:2018-06-05 17:47:52  Hits:105  Belong to:Industry Trends
    Millions of “ monkey ” finally a new destination, not Ma Yun dad, not “ not line up the little prince ” today's headline, but gathered 700 million “ old iron ” the quick hand.
    Today's media reported that the fast team has completed the overall acquisition of “ Acfun” (hereinafter referred to as “ A station &rdquo). The quick hand has been to “ Luo super channel ” confirm this transaction, the quick hand reveals that the future A station will maintain the independent brand, maintain independent operation, maintain the original team, independent development. Quick hands will provide support in capital, resources and technology. However, the fast hand refused to publish the price of the transaction.

    I was surprised to see the news. Because, I remember, A station no longer exists.
    Quick hand pick up cheap, A station is resurrected
    Few mainstream Internet Co business will not be able to visit a few days, and on AcFun, it happened several times, because of the slow commercialization, the lack of video license, the copyright dispute, the overfrequency of the management changes, and the mismanagement of many reasons, which once appeared because of no money renewal. The horror of being stopped by a cloud service provider.
    At worst, AcFun domain names almost didn't renew — — when it renewed domain names for another year, monkeys saw a glimmer of hope.
    After a break, the A station has been a major injury, and it has been reported that Alibaba will receive — — Ali's Youku potato is one of the shareholders of the A station, and since then there is news that the headlines will be connected, but they are unresolved. In short, many people think that A station has not been saved. Now the quick hand dish is settled. It is equal to resurrecting the A station.

    Since the A station has been in such a bad state, its valuation should not be high. In previous financial rumors, its valuation had been cut down and the price code was estimated to be lower than the price. According to 36kr reports, the A station is estimated to be 750 million yuan before the current round of investment, while the A station has a 1 billion 850 million valuation on the last round of financing. It's obvious that the quick hand picked up a big bargain.
    The B station, which was born in 2009, has been listed, and the A station online in 2007 is now forced to be sold out, and everyone is in the same vents, and the A station starts early but is not as good as the latter. It can be seen that the business team is the key to the success of the business. &mdash, of course, the A station is a big shareholder and a big failure to introduce a traditional animation company. . Now entering the embrace of fast arms, the complementary space between them is greater and the synergy effect is more, which will naturally bring new possibilities to A station.
    March into the two dollar and take the young man
    The two dollar market is very important. On the one hand, it is an important content category. On the other hand, it can catch young people.
    Data show that in 2017, China's two dimensional user scale reached 308 million, of which 97% were after 90 and 00, the market size of the two yuan industry in China accounted for 57% of the whole entertainment market. The two sub market was not only a barrage such as A station and B station, but also animation, literature, live broadcast, audio, game and so on. As for the giant, it caters to the current user development strategy of holding young people, and has a huge commercial value itself. It is precisely because of this, that BAT has buried heavy troops here.
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