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  • People's Daily commentary on the United States: let's clear up our cyberspace.

    From: Tech Company  Date:2018-06-05 17:52:13  Hits:109  Belong to:Company News
    Recently, a webcast short video platform has seriously affected young people's physical and mental health due to the dissemination of vulgar and unhealthy information about minors. The national network office and the departments jointly interviewed the head of the platform in accordance with the law, and put forward serious criticism and ordered the comprehensive rectification.
    This news came out, like many netizens, I also applaud. My son is going to primary school, and pleads with me from time to time to buy him a cell phone. I have never promised, not to save money, but to be afraid of the mess on the Internet.
    There is a point of view that the children are online Aboriginal people, doomed to contact the network earlier than the previous generation, more need the network, rather than let them swim in swimming. In order to set up such a statement, it needs a prerequisite, which is the timely shielding of information from the smoky, unhealthy information and a severe blow to the platform for spreading the content of the mental and physical health of minors. This is from a regulatory point of view, so what do we need to do from the supplier side?
    In this rectification, there is a sentence worth noting in the statement of the platform: — — guide the algorithm with correct values. In other words, many of the previous live short video platforms used to guide the algorithms are not the correct values, but based on the social needs of — — and not a noble demand for — — to push the content. Nowadays, Internet users are spending a lot of money. When attention becomes a resource, any kind of hobby can give birth to the corresponding supply.
    We see a large number of live broadcast platforms with high click through rates, which often have the following characteristics. First, there are extreme qualities, and the grotesque. In front of them, they are either very beautiful or ugly, or they are not dying.
    Second, there is a strong desire for expression. I didn't hear about the Internet red man. Nothing is more modest than prudence. In its name, the name is straightforward, but in fact it lacks the background.
    Third, the fresh-keeping period is short and the substitute is high. A batch of Internet red men came out quickly and disappeared quickly, “ you were singing in a noisy mess and I was on the stage &rdquo.
    Let's clear up our cyberspace. This job is not easy, but it is hard to do. On the one hand, it is necessary to define the red line for content providers and change the way of catering to demand. On the other hand, the word "&ldquo" is used in the "Yuan Yuan", such as living in good people, such as entering the room of "Lan Zhi", but not knowing its fragrance for a long time. To live with evil people, such as entering the abalone fish, not to smell their stink for a long time. ” may you often enter the room of LAN Zhi, less or less.
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