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  • One article knows quickly to buy A station: what are their abacus?

    From: Tech Company  Date:2018-06-05 17:52:13  Hits:111  Belong to:Company News
    On the morning of June 5th, the news of the acquisition of Acfun (A station) by domestic short video and live platform quickly spread throughout the network.
    According to the news, the transaction price of the A station will be less than 750 million yuan, and more details are not disclosed. However, in the last round of financing, the A station was valued at RMB 750 million.
    Quick hand acquisition of A station
    A station response
    Subsequently, A station CEO Liu Yanyan told Tencent technology that the message is true and that she will remain at A station and remain independent.
    Quick response
    The fast hand also responded to Tencent's "first line", saying that the fast hand side confirmed that it had completed the overall acquisition of Acfun.
    In the future, A will maintain its independent brand, maintain its independent operation, maintain its original team and develop independently. And the fast will also give A station strong support in capital, resources, technology and so on.
    Shareholders' response to A station
    In the afternoon of June 5th, Acfun shareholders issued a bulletin on Chinese online, which said that the transfer agreement was signed with the quick hand. It is intended to sell the rights and interests of all A stations held by the RMB 140 million yuan.
    According to the news, Chinese online convened the board of directors to sign an agreement in November 21, 2016, and it will subscribe 250 million yuan in cash to subscribe 13.51% stake in A station.
    However, because the A station did not meet the prerequisites of the relevant capital increase agreement, the follow-up Chinese online only paid 138 million 500 thousand yuan to the A station and did not change the business.
    Why did the quick hand buy the A station?
    With regard to the reasons for the rapid acquisition of A station, 36 krypton has made a simple analysis from three dimensions: user portrait, overall market environment and commercialization.
    1, A station can make up for the shortage of fast hand in user circles.
    On the user's portrait, the users of the quick hand are enough to sink and average, while the A station is dominated by the young people, and the community culture is heavy. The acquisition of the A station can well complement the shortage of the quick hand in the user circle, and the logic is similar to the stranger acquisition exploration.
    According to the data of Aurora data, from the results of user gender distribution, the A station and the fast hand are all higher than men, and the ratio of male to female is similar.
    From the result of user city grade distribution, the A station has a larger proportion of users in the first tier cities, accounting for 20.04%, and the new and second line cities also have a higher proportion in the A station users.
    The users of the fast track are more sinks, and the number of users in the three line and below cities is more than 60%.
    2, quick hands need to take a way to invest in mergers and acquisitions
    From the analysis of the overall market environment, as a fast competitor of direct competition, the 150 million day live trembling has surpassed the 100 million day fast runner.
    In addition to the strong product R & D and operation ability that the headline relies on the whole short video matrix today, it is not a shortcut to fight the court with a headline.
    3, commercialization is always one of the most concerned indicators.
    As a short video company, which has been seeking overseas listing, commercialization is always one of the most concerned indicators for fast sellers.
    Through the B station listing, the whole market has seen the high proportion of its gaming revenues and its diversified commercial value.
    Why does the A station accept the purchase?
    Although A station has a high starting point, it is the oldest barrage video website. However, because of the frequent changes of executives and poor management, the development has been cold and clear.
    At the beginning of this year, the A station went through a storm of closing stations and unable to visit. It was reported that it had been supported by Ali before resuming its normal operation. However, it was later reported that Alibaba had abandoned its holding plan for A station.
    It is also reported that the initial rumor of the cooperation between the quick hand and the A station was a fund that came from the re - launch of the A station early this year, and it was reported that the source of the fund was a quick hand.
    In fact, according to the first line, fast hand has always been one of the potential financing side of A station.
    In addition, public information shows that the A station dropped to 1 million 600 thousand in actual DAU last November, of which the PC terminal 900 thousand, the mobile end 450 thousand — — the number was 12 million in the peak of last year, and the average monthly DAU was 8 million.
    When the development is bad, quick hand helps and the team can operate independently. You love me.
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